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Is your laptop screen damaged, blotched, shattered, or cracked? It does not mean you have to throw away your device. Professional laptop repairs in Las Vegas is skilled enough to replace or repair your laptop screen. With the right tools and true effort, you can also manage the repair process on your own. Whether you have a MacBook or Windows PC, the screen is repairable.

Laptop Screen Repair

Laptop screen repair versus replacement

If the issue is related to pixels, you can use screen-fixing software for this purpose. There are also scratch-repairing kits to fix minor scratches. However, if the laptop screen shows strange colors or cracks, it needs replacement.

Faint images on your laptop screen? Know how to fix it

The backlit laptop screens ensure better visibility. But, if the light has stopped working, you cannot read the screen properly. There are a few steps to solving this problem.

  • Detect the tiny backlight switches adjacent to the laptop hinges.
  • You have to close and open your laptop multiple times.

If the trick does not solve your issue, you can use a small pin to un-stick the latch.

How to deal with laptop screen repair issues

Laptop Screen Repair

While using your laptop, if you find the screen flickering on and off the source of the problem is the inverter. The backlight of your laptop screen receives power from this inverter.

If you have found a solid white colored screen, it happens due to improper cable setup between the system board and the monitor. After opening your laptop, you should ensure that there are no damaged cables.

Jumbled images on the screen

Some laptop users find messy images on the screen. The problem is not in the screen but in the video card. The easiest way to detect the cause of this problem is to link the laptop to a monitor through a VGA port. However, if another monitor shows the same problem, you should replace the video card. 

How to replace your laptops

When your laptop screen is not repairable, you should replace it.

  • Check the screen type of your laptop and buy the right one. To replace the old screen, you have to turn off your laptop and detach the battery.
  • Access the screws on the frame and use a screwdriver to remove them. After removing the screw covers, you can easily detach the screws.
  • Pull the screen away from the bezel by applying a slight amount of force.
  • After removing the bezel, you can see the screen that has a metal frame. The attached wires will also be visible. The overall configuration includes a video cable that needs to be separated from the screen. Another option is the power cable of the inverter.
  • Remove the damaged screen to install the new one. But, before placing the screens, you should test your laptop screen.

This guide works for those who have a standard laptop. Touchscreen laptops have complicated designs, and you can rely on professional repairs in Las Vegas.