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Business IT Services

We proudly provide IT services in Las Vegas for many local businesses. Our professional computer technicians are qualified to manage your network so you can concentrate on your business. At EMS Mobile Computer Services we believe in being proactive instead of reactive. For a small monthly fee, EMS can monitor your computers and network and cure minor problems before they become major.

Reliable IT Support Services in Las Vegas

We specialize in IT Support in Las Vegas and we work hard to establish a long-time relationship with our clients with our technical expertise and courteous team. We have been in Las Vegas since 1999.

EMS can handle all of your technology needs. We will ensure that all of your technological demands are satisfied with solutions suited to your company. EMS delivers IT Services in Las Vegas to help your business flourish, from Microsoft Solutions to data backups and network security.

Our Business IT Services

IT Support Services Company Las Vegas

Monthly Programs Offered

Data Back-up & PC Recovery – $50 mo.

We currently manage the backup of numerous companies in the Las Vegas Valley. We utilize off-site servers with a 90 day retention period. If you accidentally deleted a file yesterday or last week, we can recover it in a matter of minutes not hours or days. The cost is very minimal (most of our customers pay $49.99 a month or less) and provides you with peace of mind in case of fire or burglary.

Never See Spam Again – $2.00 mo. (per user)

IT support services for small organizations will assist them in making sure their business runs smoothly. We will ensure that your IT infrastructure meets the demands of your company. In addition, we provide assistance with IT services in Las Vegas.

Website / Email Hosting – $250/yr

We can register, setup and host your e-mail or website for a little as $5 per month. Rest assured that your website or email is safe no matter what happens to your local computer.

Hardware Sales

PC & Server Sales – Used PCs starting at $199

All network infrastructure requires proper cabling. To avoid or resolve any unanticipated issues, our technicians will be able to maintain, organize, and expand your network cabling when needed. We can clean up the rats nest of cables for you.

No Monthly Contracts. Pay As You Need Us!

We provide IT Support in Las Vegas in various sectors that want to build a safe, innovative, and efficient environment. We handle IT services, allowing businesses to focus on their core competencies. We are an IT Services Company in Las Vegas. Our cost-effective and efficient solutions help keep your project expenses low. EMS includes research and planning services, which further reduces expenses.