Ems Mobile Computer Services

A laptop is a great alternative to computers due to its portability and lightweight design. But, it is really frustrating when your device does not work properly. Sometimes, it is not easy to troubleshoot the problem on your own. So, hiring a technician is the only option for restoring the functioning of laptops. A qualified expert can help you solve the hardware and software issues of your device. 

Find the list of the most common laptop problems.

The Device Cannot Be Turned On

In spite of pressing the power button, you cannot turn on the laptop. It prevents you from accessing essential applications and files. If the laptop battery is charged, you need to check the AC adapter and DC jack.

Blank Screen

Although your laptop produces sound and generates light, the screen is blank. Except for the screen, other machine parts seem to be functional. Restart the system after replacing the battery. If the trick does not work, there may be a memory failure or a bad screen.

Battery Draining Continuously

A high-quality battery can work continuously for 4 to 5 hours. You should disable Bluetooth, close some windows, and adjust the brightness. If these steps do not work, you may contact a technician.


Frequent freezing problems and computer crashes are some signs of overheated laptops. Overheating affects the overall performance of your device. Dust that blocks air vents can result in this problem. You may clean out the air vents to solve the problem.

Slower Hard Drive

If the hard drive works slowly, you cannot transfer files fast. The best solution for this problem is disk fragmentation. Disorganized hard drive data may affect performance, as your laptop takes time to filter. Use Disk Defragmenter to solve the issue if you are not using an SSD drive. Otherwise, your hard drive may be going bad.

Weird Sound Coming Out Of Laptop

It is normal to hear a mild whirling noise from the laptop’s internal fan. But, if you hear an odd sound, it needs your attention. In some cases, your hard drive may be the source of the noise.

Defective Screen Light

A failing or dim screen light may strain your eyes when you work on your laptop for long hours. The problem occurs mainly due to the failure of the backlight lamp and screen inverter. You can hire technicians to replace the components.

The Screen Shows Distorted Images

You might have noticed odd or inaccurate images on the laptop screen. Due to warped images or fading colors, you could not use your laptop comfortably. The source of the problem may be your video cable, display, or motherboard. 

Beep Sound While Starting The Laptop

When you turn on the laptop, it makes a noise. Keep on pressing the keyboard to manage the problem. In some cases, a stuck key is responsible for the issue.

Keyboard Not Working

Although you type on your keyboard, some letters are missing. Keys may also show the wrong characters. Remove keycaps from your keyboard and clean them.

Your laptop may have several other problems. So, hire professionals to inspect and repair your device.